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Plastic Paint

I love discovering new products. The other day I saw a commercial for a new type of spray paint made just for plastics. It's called Krylon Fusion, and we found it at our local Walmart. It cost about the same as regular spray paint, requires no sanding or priming, and it dries in about 15 minutes.motorcycle fender Fusion This is a before and after picture of our plastic motorcycle fender. As you can see, the fender had some deep scratches. We applied two light coats of the Fusion and it covered up the scratches well. This would be great for your kid's toys, like plastic wagons, playhouses, slides and swings. You could even find bargain-priced toys at yard sales, spray paint them, and no one would know they weren't brand-new.
Sunday July 20, 2003 | comments (0)

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