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Before You Buy a Carpet Steam Cleaner


Homeowners steam cleaning their carpet
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Carpets, kids and pets often add up to the need for a good carpet steam cleaner. Although carpet cleaners can be rented at stores, it is very convenient to buy your own for unexpected spills and stains. Steam cleaners come in many sizes and each have special features that you should consider before making your purchase.

Rotating Brushes

Rotating brushes help lift dirt from the carpet, and are a definite plus when purchasing a steam cleaner. The number of brushes, generally 4 to 6, will be a factor in the price of the machine.


    Upright or Canister

    Uprights are generally better for cleaning large areas, although they do tend to be heavy to push around. Canisters are better for small areas, car interiors, and furniture.


    Tank Size/Design

    Most uprights hold about one gallon of hot water/cleaning solution. Canisters tend to hold a bit more, but the water can become cold faster. And many people prefer seperate resevoirs so the cleaning solution is kept away from the dirty water.


      Tools and Attachments

      Depending on your needs and price range, your might want to purchase a model that has auto cleaning tools, upholstery and stair attachments, and possibly a bare floor attachment.


        Water Heater

        Although most models work by the hot water you add, some newer models now offer a water heating option. This might increase the cleaning efficiency of the machine.


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