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Fantom Fury Vacuum

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Fantom Fury Vacuum

Fantom Fury Vacuum

Barbara Whiting

The Bottom Line

Overall, the Fury is an excellent, lightweight vacuum cleaner. You can see the dirt and dust swirling in the cyclonic canister as your carpets are cleaned. I have been using mine for about two years now with no problems. (Note: the Fantom Fury is now called a "Wired Special Edition".)
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  • Cyclonic dirt cyclinder is easily emptied.
  • The Fury is lightweight and very easy to use.
  • Comes with a long-lasting HEPA filter.


  • Small objects can get lodged under beater brush.
  • Does not clean along walls well.
  • Hose attachment is short.


  • 12 amp motor for strong suction power
  • Dual-Cyclonic Bagless canister
  • Certified HEPA Absolute Air Filter

Guide Review - Fantom Fury Vacuum

The Fantom Fury is a bagless, lightweight upright vacuum cleaner. It comes with on-board attachments that easily fit into the hose/handle assembly. The hose included with the Fury is short, but an optional wand extension can be purchased. Small objects, such as bits of candy or small rocks tend to get lodged under the beater bar requiring taking the beater bar apart to dislodge the object. The dirt cylinder is easily emptied, although it tends to fill up after one vacuuming. The edging capability of the Fury is not great, so I often use the hose attachments along the walls. The Fantom Fury is reasonably priced, however, and overall is an excellent vacuum cleaner.
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