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Not surprisingly, many of the Guides here at About.com are stay-at-home/work-at-home parents. Meet some of our fellow at-home parents, and please stop-by and visit their sites.

Patty Williams, About.Com Guide to Classic Rock

    I'm Patty Williams, About.com's Guide to Classic Rock. I'm one of those people who's going through a "second round" of parenting, having already raised one 17 year old son. However I was a single parent and was forced to work while he was growing up, which was a heartbreaking and difficult situation. But now I've been a stay-at-home parent for nearly 5 years, for Tyler, 4, and Kaitlin, 2.

    Having "been there, done that," I've never faulted parents who work outside the home out of a sense of necessity. Working to put food on the table is one thing, but I have a problem with those who do it just to buy a second BMW. If you're not willing to make sacrifices to be with your children, then don't have any. Those early, formative years are such an important time in our children's lives; we NEED to be there for them. I'm the one who wants to see their first steps, hear their first words, and be there when the school calls to pick them up because they're sick.

    Working for About.com has made that possible for me. I feel that I have the best job in the world -- where else could I make my own hours and actually get paid for writing and talking about my favorite pasttime, rock and roll? It's not always easy trying to work at home with two small children constantly needing attention. My house is often a mess, dinner isn't always on time, and sometimes the lack of adult interraction almost drives me crazy. But the benefits far outweigh the problems, and I wouldn't have it any other way!

Jone Johnson Lewis, About.com Guide to Women's History

    I'm Jone Johnson Lewis, and I'm the About.com Guide to Women's History. I enjoy being able to be home most days when my middle-school, soon to be high-school, son leaves for school in the morning and gets home from school in the afternoon. I spent one year volunteering with the Odyssey of the Mind program when he was in elementary school -- an experience that I probably would not have had if I'd had a typical 9-to-5 job. Especially because 9-to-5 jobs are too often 8-to-7 jobs or worse!

    In addition to my work with the About.com site, I work as an Ethical Culture Leader, which is a clergy position with a small humanistic religious organization. Most of my appointments for that work are on weekends or evenings, so I'm still home most of the day working on my About.com women's history site, writing for my Ethical Culture work, reading books for work or pleasure, or spending precious time with my son. I love the flexibility!

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