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(Note: House of Lloyd was purchased by Home Interiors. I do not necessarily endorse this home-based business. Before starting any business, it is best to do a lot of research and contact others who are involved with the business. - Barbara Whiting)


A little bit about me. My name is Lori Callen. I am a 35 year old full time mommy to Mikayla, 7; Ben, 4 and Brady, 1 1/2. I'm also part-time mommy to my nephew, Andy, 1. Up until the birth of Ben in March, 1994 I worked at various insurance companies, always liking my co-workers, but hating the day to day grind. I never lasted more than a year or two at one place due to lay offs, downsizing and other reasons. In fact, while on maternity leave with Ben, the company I worked for shut it's doors.

Well, it was a blessing in disguise. I was torn between wanting to stay home with my two children and keeping that second income. The decision was made for me. I took the first six months of Ben's life to enjoy my kids, then decided I needed to contribute in some way. I started taking in other people's children. It was great! I made some money, I got to stay home and my kids had playmates. But then Mikayla started preschool and it became more and more difficult to coordinate drop-offs and pick-ups with all the extra kids. So, back to unemployment.

About this time I had a Christmas Around the World Party, my annual that I'd been having for about eight years. My wonderful demo, now Supervisor had been asking me to join her team for eight years. I finally said yes. My biggest fear was keeping track of everything for tax purposes. What was I afraid of? It's so simple. I'm now in my third season selling House of Lloyd featuring Christmas Around the World and Gifts. I have not become a millionaire, though it's not impossible. My success lies in the fact that I can go on school field trips with my kids, take them to the beach, take them to a Dr. appt. without having to make up missed time at work and just enjoy my children while they are growing and be a part of this most important time in their lives.

This year my goal is to earn a trip to Hawaii. With only $20,000 in sales I'll be doing the hula next year! Someone once said to me, "If your ship hasn't come in, swim out to it". That's what I did!

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