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It's not often that a cleaner generates so much excitement in people, but the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser certainly qualifies. We recently had a long discussion about this new product on our discussion forum, and here are some of the comments about the Magic Eraser from other parents.

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I tried Mr. Clean Magic Eraser last night and then went around LOOKING for stuff to clean! They are awesome! My son colored on the walls and doors and it came completely off. Worked great on the stove, too. I don't know what's in those things but they are the coolest! - Beth

Yes, it will remove old marks - I can testify to that. My only *warning* is if you have colored or faux painting to test a small spot first. I cleaned off an old crayon mark and it did lift some of the paint. For white paint, this eraser is amazing! - ATMMom

I loved how well the Magic Eraser handled the soap scum on my shower. I was in tears yesterday using other chemicals to try to get rid of it. I had resolved to the possibility that I was going to have to get everything replaced. I remembered my Magic Eraser and 45 minutes later it was like a new bath tub and shower. - Jenn

I love those things, too. I too, went looking for stuff to clean. - April

I love them, too. I don't know what kind of paint they used on our house, but it seems to just soak up dirt. The eraser easily cleaned the dirt off the walls, but I did have one problem with it, and that was that it seemed to smear the dirt around, so I had to go over it a few times. But the best part was no elbow grease! - Marcia

A few weeks ago, my kids got hold of some crayons and colored on the wall. Well, last night we went to Target, were getting some detergent and all of a sudden I remembered about Magic Erasers, so I went to look for it! Bought some, and went home and "went to work!" That thing is awesome! Before I bought that, I honestly tried all kinds of stuff, scrubbing and scrubbing, nothing worked! Now this thing took it right off real fast, so then I had to go around the house just to look for stuff to clean! I was amazed! I kept telling my husband, "look, watch," he was just laughing at me, he said "you can look for things to clean tomorrow, I'm hungry!" Anyway, I love this thing. - ThatGirl

I know exactly what you mean by the residue. I have found the easiest thing to do is scrub things with the Magic Eraser, and then wipe with a wet towel. Kind of the same thing you do with the steam cleaners? I've got to tell you though, I have not found a single thing this baby won't clean. My nasty doorframes that were nicotine stained are now gleaming. - Raven

Yes it takes off old marks; my niece colored on the wall over a year ago with permanent marker and it came off. - TSY

I never thought I'd be so happy about a cleaning product. I was freaking out yesterday because I couldn't find my last, half used up Eraser. I still haven't found it. I NEED it. It's like crack for Cleaners. - Jill

What's really nice is I've been able to ditch so many cleaning products since they came out! I think that's pretty frugal, even if the sponges themselves aren't. And they *seem* more environmentally friendly since they break down (but I don't know how friendly the "residue" is.) - Raven

I did discover I can't remove pen ink from the paint in my son's room. We painted it blue with a semi-gloss last summer. There is some blue ink on one of the walls now, but when I used the Magic Eraser the paint started coming off, but not the ink. So I put the bookcase in front of it. - Jill

It got crayon off my wall, dryer and refrigerator, and didn't have to even use any pressure. It just wiped off easily! It also took permanent marker off a wooden door, and while it didn't completely take it off the wallpaper, it took it almost completely off and it is hardly noticeable now. - Paula

I love those Mr. Clean Magic Erasers too. When I buy a new pack, I cut them into 3 pieces each. I can usually clean as much with that 1/3 of a sponge as with a full one. When it gets grungy, I spray rinse it, squeeze the excess water out and continue until the thing shreds. - CookieMix

I just think it's so funny that we are all having the same reaction to these things. (Going around looking for things to clean!) - Beth

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