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Everything There Is To Know About Laundry

By Teisha Van de Kop

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Stain Removal Guide
  • Sponge stains promptly with cool water to prevent setting.

  • Always test your stain-remover on a hidden part of the garment first to check for colorfastness and bleachability.

  • Before laundering, pretreat or presoak stained articles with a detergent like 'all'® that eliminates both protein and oil-based stains. Remember, washing and drying without pretreating can set some stains.

  • If pretreating with a powder detergent, add 1/2 scoop per gallon of water in a bucket or 1-1/2 scoops in your washer and check care label to determine warmest water for your fabric.

  • Air-dry treated and washed items, since some residual stains are not visible when wet and heat from the machine drying may set them.

  • Follow all safety precautions on stain-removal product labels.

Laundry Solutions:
What To Use and When

For the best cleaning possible, it's important to know when and where to add detergent and fabric softener to make your laundry look its best.

For really tough stains, you can pour liquid detergents like 'all'® directly on the stain. Rub a few minutes before washing. Always test an inside seam for color-fastness prior to using. If the color of the fabric is affected, use an alternate product. Certain problematic stains may come out better with a pre-wash stain remover product. Try 'all' Oxi-Active (tm) for really tough stains. Follow directions on the package.

All detergents are not the same. Besides liquid and powder varieties, there are concentrated detergents, scented detergents, some with bleach and others free of dyes and perfumes. Additionally, some detergents have enzymes which target and lift specific stains. 'all'® has a variety of detergents available to handle your laundry needs:

  • Stainfighting: 'all'® Stainlifter
  • Hypoallergenic: 'all'® Free Clear
  • Fresh Fragrance: 'all'® Fresh Rain, 'all'® /Surf ® Spring Burst; Sparkling Ocean; Bright Sky
  • Bleaching Action: 'all'® Stainlifter
  • High Efficiency: 'all'® Fresh Rain
Fabric Softeners
'all'® fabric softeners give fabrics a softer feel and help reduce static cling (particularly useful for synthetics and permanent press items). Liquid fabric softeners should be added to the final rinse cycle for enhanced softening. Place softener sheets on top of wet laundry in the dryer cycle to reduce static cling. It is important not to overfill your washing machine when using a liquid fabric softener as spotting can occur. If spotting does occur, wet fabric and rub with liquid detergent, rinse and rewash. It is also important that your fabric softener is kept in an environment where it will not freeze. Freezing causes liquid fabric softener to thicken. If this happens, dissolve one capful of fabric softener in hot water before adding to the final rinse.

Laundry Boosters
With the stain-fighting power of active oxygen, laundry boosters like 'all'® Oxi-Active can get out tough stains like wine, fruit juice and mustard that you can't get out with simple pretreating. By adding a scoop of laundry booster to the load, the overall cleaning power of the laundry detergent is increased.

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