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I am at home almost full time with my 2 year old boy, and we have just reached the Pee in Big Toilet stage. Anyone care to share toilet training tips with me? - Smiggy

My son was stubborn (and late to train). He had a favorite video at the time and I would tell him if he didn't BM in the toilet, then no movie. Worked like a charm, in under a week he was completely trained. In the first year he had one accident and he had had a cold at the time. - Aubra

I have a "different" approach than most people but it's stress free and quite simple, "don't train them, they'll do it when they are ready." Basically you just tell them about the toilet and it's purpose and then wait. Some children are ready by 2, others 3, but eventually every child will use the washroom! I did it with ALL of our children. I was very reluctant with the first thinking "no way, it would be a miracle for him to just jump up and run to the toilet." Basically that's what happened and what was really neat was once he started he had no accidents nothing - he insisted he needed a diaper for about 2 weeks and then woke up one morning and said "no more" to his diapers. He was trained through the night all at the same time too and I didn't need to constantly sit in the washroom with him, bribe him or ask him a zillion times if he needed to go. - Surf

My son preferred using his little potty chair over the BIG toilet. We let him pick it out and bought big boy undies like dad's the same day. We talked to him about no more diapers and how he was a big boy now. We did find he liked having the potty in the family room where it was less isolated.We made a big deal over 'peeing a lot of water' in the potty, clapping and hurray! It made him very proud of his accomplishment. When we started training, we would put a diaper on at night and in the morn he was still dry so we eliminated that and went to undies day and night. I honestly can say he has never once wet the bed! The positive reinforcement works wonders. The other thing I did was at the start of training, I'd set the kitchen timer for 1 hr to establish a routine(and to remind me). - Velvet

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