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Intex Easy Set Swimming Pool

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Swimming Pool

Intex Swimming Pool

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The Bottom Line

The Intex Easy Set Pool is extremely easy and fast to set up, much easier than the conventional above-ground pool with a plastic liner and metal ring on top. This backyard swimming pool will provide hours of summertime fun for your entire family and is available in various diameters and depths.
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  • Easy Set Up With Videotape Instructions
  • Study Construction
  • Various Sizes Available


  • Ground Must Be Completely Level
  • Requires Constant Chemical Maintenance


  • Available in 10 to 24 foot diameters.
  • Instructional videotape included.
  • Includes ladder, filter and ground tarp.
  • Inflatable top ring.

Guide Review - Intex Easy Set Swimming Pool

The Intex Easy Set Pool is fast and easy to set up. You simply fill the top ring with air, straighten the bottom lining and fill with water. The water pressure causes the sides to rise. The pool must be on perfectly level ground or the pool will not fill correctly; the sides will bow out and the water level will be lopsided. The pool package includes a filter that does a good job cleaning the pool. You will need to buy chlorine and other chemicals to keep the water clean and clear, and this can be fairly expensive. We found that this pool stayed cleaner than other above-ground pools we've purchased, but it does require constant maintenance.
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