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I recently received these costume ideas in an email, and while these are geared toward adults, they could be be converted to work for children. (NOTE: These are listed here as received, so please excuse the less-than-perfect grammar.)

  • Ash:
    Okay I assume you have jeans, well there are your pants for Ash, then you have a white tee shirt? If not just turn one that has a logo on the front backwards, you have his shirt. Now this may be hard unless you have a jean jacket you hate, or a denim shirt or vest you don't like, you cut off the sleves. At any store they sell gloves, get a green pair and cut off the fingers. Then BAM:Instant Pokemon Ash outfit.

    Get a regular red hat and paint the front of it white with the white acrylic pai nt. Use a black marker for the symbol. When this is all dried you spike your hair with MASSIVE hair gel, to complete the Ash look.

  • James:
    First go to a costume shop and pick up a bottle of purple hair spray. It will be darker than his; next go to a cheap store and pick up a pair of white pants, black ankle high boots, white long sleeved shirt and a black tank top. (ALSO at a craft store pick up that wonderful stuff called FUSABOND, this saves on time for sewing, you iron on a small strip and it's bonded to the material, fold over the hem you wish and iron again the instructions should be on the stuff).

    You have to measure this next part on yourself or your child. At your waist line is where you want to cut the shirt, and then cut a small triangle in the middle above your belly button. Fusabond the hems, and set it aside. After the fusabond has took Cut out an R in proportion to the remaining shirt size, and trace it on the shirt with the black marker. Don't worry if you mess up you've got white paint to cover over it.

    Now paint in the "R" with the red paint and let dry. Spray your hair, put on the black tank top, tuck it into the white pants, the pants, tuck them into the black boots, put on your white -Team Rocket- shirt, and then tuck the shirt into the gloves.

  • Jesse:
    This was a little easier, you get a long sleeved white shirt (just like James) And a white skirt, black above-the-knee length boots. LONG black gloves and pink hair spray from a local costume shop. TONS and TONS of Gel and pipe cleaner. Long sleeved black shirt.

    You follow the steps for Jame's shirt above, (The white one) only this one will be a mid drift and the sleeves elbow length. Do the Fusabond step, Do the R (which will be partiall cut off) and let it dry.

    As you know Jesse's hair is a bit "eccentric", so you need someone with long hair or a wig, (I sugest long hair) and then mold it *pipe cleaners help* and blow-dry the mass into a hard rock-like substance. The long sleeved shirt should be tucked up and under a sports bra, showing the belly. Then tuck the sleeves under gloves, the white -Team Rocket- shirt over that, and the boots etc.

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