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Homemade Valentine Day

Valentine Day Recipes and Crafts


Creating your own Valentine Day cards, baking homemade cookies, and making crafts with your kids can be both fun and inexpensive. Here are Net links and recipe ideas to help you and your family enjoy a "homemade" Valentine Day.

Ideas from our Forum:

Heart Shaped Pancakes
"For breakfast it's pretty easy to make heart-shaped pancakes --- dye your batter red and then take small cookie cutters and place them in the frying pan. Put the batter in and once the first side is cooked they easily flip over. Drizzle a wee bit of chocolate over and top with strawberries." - Surfnmama

"I haven't had any luck yet using the cookie cutters to make the pancake shapes but I use an old Honey-Bear dispenser (with the hole in the top). I just put the pancake batter in there and I can draw shapes or letters in the frying pan. My son loves to get his name for breakfast." - Aubra

Homemade Cookies
"I've figured out how to make sugar cookies like the ones Pillsbury sells (with the colored shape inside). You can get mini-cookie cutters most anywhere now I just cut that shape out of the colored dough and either a circle or the larger version on the small shape out of plain dough. If your mini-shape is very cold you can move it around with out it getting out of shape. Just pop out the same shape from the big one and replace it with the little.
This looked adorable for Easter with little yellow chicks inside the white eggs cookies. Hearts with hearts for Valentines. Ornaments with toys for Christmas. Dogs with bones, cats with fish." - Aubra

Homemade Heart Donuts
"Yesterday I made 80 mini heart shaped donut, about 1 inch wide; after they cooled I dipped them in melted chocolate and added sprinkles and then piped pink icing around them." - Surfnmama

Valentine Day Recipes and Crafts

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