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"I'm disgusted by how much money we spend at the grocery store. Lately, we have been spending $100 - $125 (this does NOT include formula and diapers) a week. And I have no idea what we are getting for our money.
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Even during the best of times it can be difficult trying to make ends meet on one income. Saving a few cents here and there can make a big difference at the end of the month. In previous articles, our readers shared their frugal tips. This week, I would like to share a few more tips that parents have submitted. Thanks to everyone who has sent in their frugal hints!

From Roma:
1. Don't throw out torn or mismatched socks...I slip them over my hand and use them as cleaning/dusting mitt's. Once they get dirty simply wash and reuse.

2. If you have a Pic N Save/Macfrugals store in your area. It's a great place to shop for canned goods. I have found crystal light or other sugar free kool-aid mix at half the price if bought at your regular super markets. Christmas cards, wrapping paper, school supplies are also a lot cheaper here. You will also find shampoos, hair conditioners, lotions (some name brands).

From Joann:
Place fabric softener sheets on or near your outdoor entranceway during the mosquito season. Mosquitoes will disappear without expensive sprays and inhalants.
From Kathleen:
We never buy ice for camping trips or picnics. Just save the plastic gallon milk jugs that you buy all the time anyway, fill them up with water, no caps and freeze! They last much longer than store ice. If you want ice pieces, bust it up with a hammer. If you just set them in you're cooler as is, they can last as long as 4 days even in the summer! Don't forget to recycle the jugs when you're done even if you busted them up, they'll still take them.
From Essie:
My children were constantly forgetting to turn off the bathroom light. Most days I would not go back upstairs until several hour after they left for school so I installed a 1/2 hour timer on the light to save on our electric bill.
From Bernice:
Cut the picture from the front of a tatty jigsaw puzzle box and use strong glue and clear tape to hold it around the outside of an empty baby milk tin. A use for the empty tin plus no lost peices.
From Elizabeth:
Make your own baby wipes. The ingredients are 1 roll of Bounty paper towels (Bounty works best), 2 cups of water, 2 tablespoons baby oil, 1 tablespoon baby bath, 10 c circular tupperware dish. Cut a nickel-sized hole in top of tupperware dish. Mix water, oil, and baby bath in dish. Cut paper towels in half with an electric knife. Put one cut half of towels into tupperware dish. Let soak. Pull out cardboard center and discard. Pull towel through hole in lid. Now you have your own pull-through container and cheap wipes!!! They work great for cleaning hands and faces also.
I want to thank everyone for their tips and hints, and please keep them coming!

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