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Moms and Their Young Spirited Boys
Erica T. Blakeney

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Moms and Their Young Spirited Boys, written by Erica T. Blakeney, is a light-hearted and inspirational book about the trials, and joys, of raising active young boys. Through her own stories, and the anecdotes of other mothers, Erica helps parents realize that we not alone facing the daily challenges of raising "these little vessels of male hormones".

Excerpt from the book:

"Our house is constantly filled with high energy. Exhausting at times! The boys are very physical! Always wrestling, playing sports, fighting. They have a definitely different makeup than girls. From day one, a boy is on his road to manhood. Boys will be boys. Just like girls, there are some things that can only be explained by stating 'he is a boy'."

If this sounds familiar, you will relate to many of the mothers' stories in this book. Erica also offers tips to help mothers nurture and care for their own needs, in addition to their children's needs.

About the Author
Erica T. Blakeney is the mother of two active boys. She has been a career mom, and stay-at-home homeschooling mom, and currently works full-time from home.

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