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Ark to the Future The Ark to the Future
A Family Time Capsule and Memory Album
by Joost Elffers and Michael Fragnito
- List Price: $27.50
- Borders Books Price: $19.25
- ISBN: 1-55670-967-6
- Publication date: October, 1999

I recently had the opportunity to review a wonderful new product, The Ark to the Future, a complete kit to create your own family time capsule. The kit includes a memory album, where you can add family pictures, samples of your child's schoolwork, or even locks of hair, a large, rooted family tree poster, and a "certificate of voyage" to help you track the location of the Ark. The Ark also comes with a detailed instruction book that tells you how to get started with your time capsule, materials you might need, and ideas for completing and sealing the Ark.

With the new Millennium approaching, this kit would make a great family gift this holiday season. My kids and I are planning on starting our Ark on Christmas, and sealing it on New Year's Eve.

The Ark to the Future includes:

  • A molded metal capsule with a silver finish, secured by a belt and clasp.

  • A handbook with complete instructions for creating, dedicating, and preserving your family time capsule.

  • A full-color, 32-page hardcover memory album and scrapbook, including protective tissues, all using acid-free paper and inks.

  • Ten decorative labels and a permanent sealing label.

  • A poster-size Rooted Family Tree with labels.

  • A Certificate of Voyage for tracking the location of the Ark.

  • Two postcards to be sent to the future.
Time Capsule graphic used with permission.

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