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Here are some frugal tips that other stay-at-home parents have shared with us.

From Christine:
Second hand stores are what keep me and my son dressed nicely. I turn his old clothes in for new ones at several used baby stores to maximize the acceptance rate. I rarely have to put out much money that way for his clothes.

From Teresa:
I always save envelopes that come with solicitations that we don't donate to, or ones that come with bills that are auto-deducted, and use them for mailing checks to places that don't provide envelopes, or for mailing letters to friends and family. If the self-addressed writing on the envelope needs to be covered, I either glue pieces of paper (cut out from the backs of scrap papers whose fronts have been printed on) over the print, or I use the white un-used parts of blank Avery labels (I make our own unique return address labels).

From Karen:
If you drink many sodas, name brand or generic, recycle the cans. We have been recylcing and have made some great splurge money. It's really great for kids to earn some extra money.

From Sue:
When I make bread in my bread machine I make bread crumbs with the ends it saves, bread crumbs are expensive.
I make my own spices and mixes, I go to a health food store and buy all the ingredients, it saves money cause spices in the jars can add up.

From Tawanna:
Hi. I kind of did this on accident. I have twin girls and one on the way and the house can get kind of smelly with pop and such. We dont have a diaper gene but any how here are a few tips. The plastic grocery bags are handy when putting smelly diapers in and tie a knot then trash it. So when they ask me paper or plastic I do have to say plastic. They are free and you can put more than one diaper in. Also the girls got into the detergant one day and spilled it on the floor. i vaccumed it up and discovered it was like carpet fresh! I sprinkled some around the house and vaccumed it up. I got the house smelling a bit nicer.

I want to thank everyone for their tips and hints, and please keep them coming!

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