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Q. I have 4 kids and I would like them all in bed at a reasonable hour so I can have some peace and quiet! Also I am pretty sleep deprived. The youngest, 15 mos still wakes up during the night to be nursed. The older ones become very hyper at bedtime, and the 2 yr old often keeps everyone awake. Then, after 10 p.m. I have to clean up all the destruction. They are 10, 8, 2 1/2 and 15 mos. I would like bedtime to be relaxing but often it is the most stressful part of the day. Any tips? - Jaden

I cut out naps for my son when he was about 2. We had a steady routine. Supper promptly at 6PM, any later and it seemed to energize him. Nothing sweet at all after 6PM. He can have CAKE for breakfast if he wants but not in the evening. I would start his bath at 7PM, story and in bed with lights out by 8PM. He usually slept until morning. I figured out that if he was napping during the day he did not want to go to sleep until around 10 or 11PM. Dropping the nap changed everything! We had our *moments* between 4-6PM but I would keep him going until his bath and then he just went to sleep like a *dream*!
- GACAT123

Well for the younger ones or maybe the older ones what I do is read my kids a book we'll the youngest one because the older ones two of them are step kids and there with there mom any ways my youngest loves getting stories read to them and when the older ones are out here like to chat a bit before they go to bed just pick a bed time for them and have them go to bed at that time for the oldest ones and the youngest one is probably the babys own routine according to when she or he wants to eat. we tuck our kids in all the time separately and that is what we do. I don't know if I actually helped you maybe but maybe you can get something out of this little note. good luck in what you decide.
- Tracey

After tea try spending some quiet time with them all and just have music playing instead of having the tv going. I have done this so many times with my daughter and no sooner she is quiet she drifts off to sleep. I might take a week or two to really start working with your children but try it any way. Good luck.
- Sally

I also have a 2 1/2 year old and it is hard to get him to be . I find that if he sits down and watches a t.v. show that he likes he usually falls asleep.

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