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Submitted Household Uses For WD-40
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Here are some of the more useful household tips from our visitors, as well as some slightly unusual ideas.

I used to have a Pinto station wagon that would stall when the temperature was 50 degrees or below and the humidity was high. I found that by spraying a liberal dose of WD-40 on the distributor, the car would be running again in about 5 minutes. Love the stuff! - Lynn

Be very careful if using WD 40 as a stove top cleaner. It is very flamable and has been known to cause car fires when used on hot engine parts. If used to clean the stove top, make sure you have no flame and for electric stoves no heat. Let the stove cool completely before cleaning with WD40. - Roger

To remove the sticky price label from a package, just spray WD-40, wipe with tissue. May need a second application. - Sue

I use WD-40 on my shower door bottom metal strip to not only repel water but prevent corrosive build-up from hard water deposits. Clean up is a breeze! - Sally

I was doing some yard work & over-turned a landscaping stone. There was a BIG nest of those nasty tiny sugar-ants. Went for the can of ant killer. It was empty. Here was a can of WD-40...tried it. Worked like a charm! And it's pet & child safe too! - MarDee McDougal

WD-40 hunting, as my wife calls it, is my hobby of misting mosquitoes and watching them drop out of the air. My wife finds this behavior mildly amusing, but my mother thinks it leans a little more toward the demented side. I just take a little bit of pleasure in watching these wretched little blood-suckers drop instantly when hit. - Spy Guy
(Editor's note: I do not necessarily condone this practice.)

Do you have a useful WD-40 tip you would like to share? Or even a "wacky" use for WD-40? Please fill-out our WD-40 submission form and let us know your tips.

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