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Avoid Home-Based Business Scams

This is information to help you recognize and avoid home business scams and schemes, such as envelope stuffing and product assembly.

Are Moms Targets of Scams?
Guest author Liz Folger has advice to avoid home business scams.

Avoiding Home Business Scams
Learn how to avoid scams when starting a home-based business, from your About.com Guide.

Don't Blame the Scammers
Guest Author Rosalind Mays, stay-at-home mother of three, has solid advice to avoid home-business scams.

Envelope stuffing FAQ
Are any envelope stuffing jobs legitimate? Find out here.

Home Assembly FAQ
Can I make money assembling products at home? Find out here.

Legitmate or Scam FAQ
How can I find out if a home business opportunity is legitimate or a scam?

Cagey's Multi-Level Marketing
This site has information on MLM's, the good and the bad, for those of you interested in a home business.

Internet ScamBusters
From ScamBusters, check this site for the latest Internet scams.

Learn what to avoid when starting a home-based business.

About Internet Fraud Watch
Good information from Internet Fraud Watch, specializing in telemarketing scams.

Scams 101
This humorous, informative site tells how to avoid home-business scams.

Stuffing Envelopes & Assembling Products Schemes
This site explains how many envelope stuffing scams work.

United States Postal Inspection Service
From the U.S. Postal Site, some recent work-at-home schemes are discussed, as well as other employment schemes.

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