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Stain Removal And Cleaning Guide

Whether you've dripped candle wax on your carpet or your child has spilled red Kool-Aid on the kitchen counter, these how-to's will help prevent a household disaster.

How To Clean Crayon Stains From A Clothes Dryer Drum
If you have accidentally washed and dried crayons with your load of laundry, then chances are you will have crayon residue stuck on your clothes dryer drum. With a little WD-40 and some scrubbing, it should come off in no time.

How To Clean Crayon Stains From Clothes
If your child has ever accidentally left a crayon in their clothes pocket, then you know what a mess this can make. The crayon can leave stains all over the clothes you were washing. If you catch the stain BEFORE drying the clothes, the stain will be much easier to remove, but even set-in stains can be removed with just a little extra work.

How To Clean Mildew Stains From Tile
Mildew stains can be a problem, even in dry climates. With a little scrubbing and soaking, you can eliminate them.

Remove Adhesive Residue
Is that sticky residue from an adhesive label resisting all your efforts for removal? Let WD-40 do the work for you.

Remove Candle Wax From Carpets
Did a candle drip on your carpet? These tips will help you remove the wax easily.

Remove Crayon Marks From Walls
Did your kids decorate your walls with crayons? Here's how to remove their 'works of art.'

Remove Gum From Carpets
Here's an easy way to remove stubborn gum from your carpet.

Remove Ink Stains From Clothes
Ink stains can be very difficult to remove, but this method often works.

Remove Kool-aid From Countertops
Are stubborn Kool-Aid stains ruining the appearance of your countertops? Give this a try.

Remove Silly Putty From Carpet
Kids love Silly Putty, but it can make a big mess on carpets. But WD-40 will quickly and easily remove this sticky mess.

Remove Water Deposits From Faucets
Hard-water deposits look terrible on faucets. Here's a simple way to remove them.

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