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Finances: Living on One Income

Freebies, frugal living tips and budget planning to help your family live on one income.
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Becoming Wealthy One Bite at a Time
Author Ric Edelman explains how your family can save and invest money, becoming wealthy a little bit at a time.

Dollars and Sense for Kids:
Learn how to teach your kids about money from About.com's Financial Planning.

Frugal Living
From About.com, great articles and links for frugal living.

How To Afford To Travel With Kids: Airfares
From About.com's Travel with Kids site, Guide Teresa Plowright gives frugal flying tips.

Living on One Income in a Two Income Economy
Internet resources to save you money, whether it's travel specials, coupons or free computer downloads.

Meals on a Budget
Money-saving recipes for one-income families.

Miserly Meals: Book Review
Feed your family inexpensively. Book review of Miserly Meals, written by Jonni McCoy, author of Miserly Moms, offering over 200 frugal recipes each costing less than 75 cents per serving.

Miserly Moms: Book Review
A review of Miserly Moms, Living on One Income in a Two Income Economy.

Retirement Planning
Should stay-at-home parents worry about retirement? Guest author Cassandra Van Winkle says "Yes", and it's never too soon, or too late!

Saving Money on Food
Special guest author Jacci Howard Bear, the Guide to Desktop Publishing at About.com, shares some of her frugal tips for saving money. Jacci is a work-at-home mother of four: Garret, Lyla, and twins Sarah and Dani.

Simple Money Saving Tips
Guest Author Jacci Bear, About.com's Austin, Texas Guide shares her tips for saving money with kids.

Teaching Kids About Money
Do you teach your kids about money issues? A new survey says that most parents do, but they lack the confidence to discuss some of the more advanced topics.Learn more about this survey and get some advice about teaching your children about money issues.

Teaching Your Teen Financial Responsibility
Six life lessons you should instill in your teen before they leave home.

The Cost of Working
From your Guide, learn how much will you really make by going to work.

Thrift Store Safety Checklist
If you buy at thrift stores, here are some tips to help you make safer purchases.

Tips To Move From Two Incomes To One
Here are the top money saving tips for families who want to have one parent stay at home with their children.

The Dollar Stretcher
Lots of really great ideas to help you live on one income.

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