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Clorox BathWand

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Clorox BathWand

Clorox BathWand

Barbara Whiting

The Bottom Line

I was a little skeptical when I first heard about the Clorox BathWand, an all-in-one tub and shower cleaner, but it definitely exceeded my expectations. The BathWand is easy to use and the cleaning pads really removed the hard water spots and soap scum on my shower walls. Overall, the Clorox BathWand left my bathtub stall sparkling clean and fresh smelling with very little effort.


  • Easy to assemble and use.
  • Swivel head reaches into corners.
  • Long handle lets you clean hard-to-reach surfaces.
  • Pre-filled cleaning pads; no other cleaners or sponges needed.
  • Leaves shower tiles sparkling.


  • Disposable cleaning pads only clean one bathtub/shower stall.


  • Starter kit comes with a 23-inch handle, 2 pre-loaded cleaning pads and a plastic hanging hook.
  • Cleaning pads attach to a swivel head.
  • Cleaning pads contain an organic acid for removing soap scum and hard water deposits.
  • Refill kits are available with five pads loaded with Clorox cleaner.

Guide Review - Clorox BathWand

The Clorox BathWand is an all-in-one tub and shower cleaning system. The starter kit comes with a 23-inch wand that you easily assemble, a swivel cleaning head and two pads loaded with Clorox cleaner. To use the BathWand, you simply attach the fluffy side of the cleaning pad to the swivel head and briefly wet the pad to activate the cleaner. Then clean your tub and shower stall, rewetting the cleaning pad as needed. When you are done cleaning, rinse the tub and shower surfaces with water and throw the disposable cleaning pad away.

I like how easily the cleaning pad removed soap scum and hard water deposits from my shower walls. The swivel head is shaped like a clothes iron so it fits well into the corners of the shower. And the long, easy-to-hold handle makes it very easy to reach the higher areas of the shower without having to climb into the bathtub. The cleaning solution has a pleasant smell that is not overpowering like many bathroom cleansers. I found that one pad was plenty to clean both the shower stall and the bathtub in one bathroom. I rinsed the walls by using the empty cleaning pad and water.

The only drawback to the Clorox BathWand is that you will have to purchase more cleaning pads, but they are fairly inexpensive and I think the ease of use of the BathWand outweighs this expense. I’ve found that after the initial, heavier cleaning with the BathWand, I can now clean my tub and shower in about five minutes and they look very sparkling and clean.

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