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Frugal Housekeeping, Cleaning, Upkeep and Gardening Tips

Our readers have shared these tips to help you save money on housekeeping, cleaning, upkeep and gardening costs.

Buy Off-Season Plants
Here's how one mom saves money by buying and growing out-of-season plants.

Clean the Bathtub
Can't get your bathtub clean? Here's a tip that is inexpensive and really works.

Dusting Mitt
Save money with this hint for a dusting mitt.

Grow Your Own Vegetables
Find out how this stay-at-home mom saves by growing her own vegetables.

Homemade Bath Oil
Here's a tip to save money by making homemade bath oils.

Homemade Bubble Bath
Most kids love bubble baths, but they can be fairly expensive. Here's a tip to save money by making homemade bubble bath for your kids.

Household Uses for Clothes Pins
Here's a tip for using regular clothes pins around your house.

Pay Cash for Home Repair
Paying cash for home repairs might get you a discount. Find out how.

Plant a Garden
Reward yourself and save with a backyard garden.

Save 10 Percent Around the House
Follow the "10 percent rule" and save money.

Save Electricity on Your Air Conditioner
For those who live in hot climates, the air conditioner is a big user of electricity during the summer months. These tips will help you save money on your air conditioner.

Save Electricity on Your Refrigerator
Your refrigerator is a big electricity user in your home. These tips will help you save money on your refrigerator's energy use.

Save on Dishwasher Soap
You might be able to use much less soap in your dishwasher. Here's how.

Save on SOS Pads
Here's a tip for saving money on SOS pads.

Save With Compost
Make your own compost for your garden and save money.

Save With Concentrated Cleaner
Here's a tip for how you can save money by buying a large bottle of concentrated cleaner.

Timer for Lights
Here's how one mom saved on her electric bill with a light timer.

Water Heater
Here's a tip to save money on your water heater.

Yogurt and Septic Tanks
Here's a tip for using yogurt to possibly help your septic tank.

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