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Save on Your Electric Bill by Being Smart About the AC


(This tip comes from Sam, who used to work as a billing inquiry specialist for an electric utility company. Part of the job was to help people figure ways to cut down their electric bill.)

For people that live in warm climates, the AC (air conditioning) will be your biggest user during the hot months. You can save some money doing some of the following things.

Air Conditioning Tips:

  • Get a yearly inspection of your unit; costs vary but for around 50 bucks you can have it inspected and minor things fixed like making sure the insulation is still good on the cooling lines, units are working properly and your coolant is topped off.

  • Keep rooms closed off and vents closed in rooms not used frequently.

  • Have a timed thermostat installed that kicks on the AC later in the day and off earlier in the evening when it is cooler.

  • Use fans to keep the cool air circulating instead of the AC on. (The money you spend on the electricity to run the fans is far less than the amount you would spend on AC.)
- Submitted by Sam

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