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Sandwich Maker

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Sandwich Maker

Sandwich Maker

Barbara Whiting

The Bottom Line

The sandwich maker is a fast, easy kitchen appliance with many uses beyond a grilled cheese sandwich. You can create your own nutritious snacks using leftovers from your refrigertor or tasty, homemade fruit pies in minutes. And older children will enjoy making their own hot sandwiches for quick after-school snacks.
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  • Easy cleanup
  • Fast cooking
  • Compact size for easy storage


  • Filling can leak out
  • Gets very hot
  • Sandwiches may not seal completely


  • Vertical or horizontal storage
  • 4 cooking wells
  • On/Off heat indicator buttons

Guide Review - Sandwich Maker

The sandwich maker is a very versatile kitchen gadget with many uses other than just grilled cheese sandwiches. You can cook pancakes, omelets, pastries and more. The maker quickly heats up and cooks most meals in about 3 minutes. This is perfect for quick snacks for the kids.

There are four cooking wells, so you get 4 sealed sandwiches. At times, the filling can spill out, and you have to be careful to place the bread properly so the sandwiches seal well.

Cleanup is very easy. Do not immerse the sandwich maker in water; just wipe out the cooking wells with a damp cloth. A toothpick is helpful in removing any food particles around the hinged lid area.

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