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Top 6 Electric Can Openers


While not a necessity, an electric can opener is relatively inexpensive and can make your time in the kitchen much easier. Many models now feature smooth edge openers so cans are opened with a smooth lid for safety. Here are the some of the top models.

1. Hamilton Beach Smooth Edge

The Hamilton Beach model features a smooth edge opener for safer and cleaner can opening. This model will open extra tall cans. Also features cord storage and a knife sharpener.
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2. Spacemaker Can Opener

By Black and Decker, this can opener mounts under the cabinet to save counter space. The blade is removable for easy cleanup. Some models also include a knife sharpener and bottle opener.
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3. Walk 'n Cut Can Opener

By Hamilton Beach, this hands-free model features a rechargeable battery and will open about 19 cans before needing a recharge. It has a magnetic lid holder to hold the lid in place while opening. Small and compact for easy storage.
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4. Grand Openings

By Black and Decker, this model features a power-pierce cutter, auto shut-off, and a built-in sharpener and bottle opener. Good for opening big and tall cans.
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5. Black & Decker Gizmo Cordless Can Opener

Because it's cordless, you can take this can opener to the cans you want to open. The opener attaches to your cans for han-free operation. The blades are dishwasher safe, too.
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6. Lids Off Automatic Jar Opener

By Black & Decker, this jar opener is a great aid for those who have problems opening jars. With the touch of a button, this opener works with jars up to 4 1/2 inches in diameter and up to 8 inches tall.
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