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Top 5 Household Uses for WD-40


WD-40, a petroleum-based lubricant and cleaner, has many household uses beyond the garage. Among the many household uses for WD-40 are crayon and adhesive removal, grease and grime cleaning and lubricating metal parts throughout your house. Here are my favorite household uses for WD-40.

1. Crayon Marks

father watching son drawing on wall with crayon
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WD-40 is effective in removing crayon markings from most surfaces. Spray on crayon markings and gently rub with a cloth. Works on your walls and other household surfaces.

2. Adhesive Residue

WD-40 is great for removing that sticky residue left behind by most adhesives. Works on glass, clothing and much more.

3. Grease Splatters

Grease splatters on and around the stove area in the kitchen can be very difficult to remove. Let WD-40 dissolve the grease for you.

4. Squeaky Doors

A squeaky door can be a minor but very annoying problem in your home. WD-40 can quickly and easily lubricate the hinges to stop that irritating squeak.

5. Silly Putty

Kids love Silly Putty, but it can create quite a sticky mess on your carpets. Here's how to easily remove it using WD-40.

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