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Stay-at-Home Parents Survival Guide

Stay-at-home parenting can be stressful. Here are support groups for stay at home parents, as well as articles on special issues facing at-home parents.
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Real Life Support Groups
Real life support groups offer parents an opportunity to meet and interact with other families in their community. These are some of the top support groups for at-home as well as working parents.

The Benefits of Staying Home
Being a stay-at-home parent can be very stressful at times, but there are many benefits as well. Real stay-at-home parents share the reasons they stay home to raise their children.

Guilt and the Stay-at-Home Parent
I discuss some of the special guilt issues specific to stay-at-home parents.

How to Overcome Your Employment Gap
Susan Heathfield, About.com's Guide to Human Resources, discusses the top ten tips for stay-at-home parents to remain ready for employment while taking time off to raise the children.

"I Got to be Me"
Guest Author Rosalind Mays, stay-at-home mother of three, explains how she finds time for herself each week.

MOMS Club, International: Profile
MOMS Club, International is a support group offering companionship and activities for stay-at-home parents.

MOPS International: Profile
MOPS International is a support group for all mothers of preschoolers and offers education, friendship and activities for mothers and their young children.

"Navigating Motherhood"
From Self-Help & Psychology Magazine, I could relate to a lot of the points made in this article. Discusses how we often feel like "failures" as Mothers, and how society judges us.

Dad-to-Dad groups are for at-home fathers to get together and share information. Includes children’s play groups, dad’s-night-out dinners and newsletters.

A professional organization for mothers at home, or those who want to be. Features a monthly newsletter and conferences. An excellent, supportive site.

Learning How to Do It
A full-time dad writes about his experience.

Momscape is "devoted to nurturing mothers in all of her roles". Includes articles to help mothers pamper themselves. Very nice site.

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