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It's not unusual for stay-at-home parents to suffer from emotional problems, like loneliness and guilt. The resources you'll find below will help you to prepare for, evaluate, and eliminate these issues. Ready for a break? Whether you want to get away for a week or just for a moment, we've got stress-relieving tips and how-tos to help. Plus, find an array of tips, ideas, and activities for family fun.
  1. Dealing with Staying Home
  2. Take a Break
  3. Have Fun with Your Family

Dealing with Staying Home

Being a stay-at-home parent has emotional and intellectual consequences. Use these resources to learn what to expect and how to alleviate feelings of guilt, loneliness, and isolation, and deal with employment gaps and lack of intellectual stimulation.

Take a Break

Everyone deserves a break, and the stay-at-home parent is definitely not an exception! Use these tips and ideas to give yourself a breather.

Have Fun with Your Family

Stay-at-home parenting isn't all cooking, cleaning, and budgeting. These resources will reinvigorate your family's fun index with new ideas and money-saving vacation and celebration how-tos.

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