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Summer Jobs For Kids

A summer job is the perfect way for your child to keep busy and make some ice cream money. Here are a few suggestions for summer jobs. Photo: Getty Images / JupiterImages

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It's Time to Read, America!

Tuesday March 1, 2011

Dr. Seuss isn't just for beginning readers. Oh, the Place You'll Go remains a top seller for graduation gifts, be it for middle school stepping up ceremonies, high school graduations, or college commencements. Dr. Seuss's birthday on March 2nd is the traditional kick-off for Read Across America. Since 1997, schools and libraries across the nation have adopted this celebration to spur children young and old to pick up a book and read, read, read.

Whether you're reading aloud to your tots, following along as they sound out the tongue-twisting rhymes, or settling them in bed with a book before lights out, Dr. Seuss is a classic pick. Elizabeth Kennedy, Guide to Children's Books, has written a great article on Dr. Seuss picture books, beginning readers, and all-around fan favorites.

If you're looking for something a bit more...celebratory, the Guide to Entertaining Donna Pilato offers a whimsical Dr. Seuss-themed party. Your kids can also play Seuss-inspired games on Seussville.com, says the Guide to Family Internet. And for tasty fun in the kitchen, check out this review of the Green Eggs and Ham Cookbook.

A New Valentine's Day Tradition

Tuesday February 1, 2011

You don't need chocolates to make Valentine's Day sweet for your child. No matter their age, kids love learning more about their family history, whether it's by listening to stories Grandma tells about her childhood or tracking your tree back hundreds of years.

Along with exchanging cards and munching on candies, introduce a new tradition to your child this February, the most popular pastime in the United States: genealogy. There's no better way to spark a love for history or strengthen relationships with relatives than to explore a more personal past. Give Child Parenting's Family Love History Project a whirl. To get the conversation started, the Guide to Genealogy also offers an all-inclusive list of 50 questions for family interviews.

Who knows, maybe you'll learn a thing or two, too!

Embrace a Snow Day

Saturday January 1, 2011

Did you wake up to a winter wonderland? Don't keep the kids inside for too long! They'll be itching to explore a world transformed by snow and ice. Before you pack them into snowsuits and boots, though, read up on how to improve your kids' snow play this year.

Aspiring architects and superb Lincoln Log and Lego builders will adore crafting a snow house or igloo. What's more fun than a fully customizable Eskimo playhouse?

When it's time to bring the kids inside, the Guide to Coffee and Tea offers a host of top hot chocolate recipes, including the one used at the White House.

And if you're looking for something to serve alongside some post-play hot cocoa, try whipping up a batch of fresh, clean snow ice cream alongside About.com's Guide to Family Crafts, Sherri

One last quick tip, you say? Family Fitness offers a list of snow play equipment essentials.

Don't Waste Your Winter Break!

Saturday December 25, 2010

Too often it seems that the week between Christmas and New Year's is a wasted one for school-age kids. They sleep late, nibble on the leftover cookies and candies from Christmas morning, and consider opening their school books, only to shove them aside until the last day of winter break. To liven up your kids' winter break, mix crafts with cleaning to show them that fun and responsibility can go hand in hand.

Make a DIY Snow Globe with the Guide to Gifted Children, Carol Bainbridge, or let them play independently with homemade coffee can stilts from the Frugal Living Guide, Erin Huffstetler. Remember, you shouldn't be the only one cleaning up after your guests go home. The Guide to Child Parenting discusses age-appropriate chores for kids. While you're at it, begin thinking about how to dispose of your tree with "6 Ways to Recycle Your Christmas Tree" from About.com's Guide to Trees and Shrubs.

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