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Fast, Easy and Cheap Halloween Costumes

Last-minute Costume Ideas!


Recently on our discussion forum, a mother asked for help with Halloween costumes ideas. She wanted costumes that cost very little and were easy to make. Our forum members had some great ideas, and here are some of the suggestions they had.

Question: "I was hoping that some other mothers could please give me some ideas as to something I could make at home. I have four kids' ages 3, 5, 7 and six months. I have no ideas. Especially the baby. I do realize that she is in fact just a baby and cannot eat any of the candy, but still. I want her to join in on the fun. I want her to look back at the pictures when she is older.

What do I do? Anything you can come up with would make me very happy. Thank you so much." - Trini

  • Sleeper PJ's become costumes very easily. Cotton tail and floppy ears, bunny. Long tail and upright ears, draw whiskers on cheeks, kitty. Those headband ears are pretty cheap. Safety pins make it all temporary, just unpin and ready for bed. With them all so young, a herd of colored bunnies would be cute coming up the walk. - Maggie

  • Easy costumes, as someone else said the sleeper ones are easy to make, add a flower to that list, make a green stem going down the sleeper and glue flowers or ribbons that look like flowers all over a cap of some sort, to make her a flower. A ghost is always easy, if she's small enough, you could use a pillow case. - Cathi

  • How about Peter Rabbit, Flopsy, Mopsy and Cottontail??

    Maggie and Cathi are right bunny costumes are the easiest things in the world to put together. All you need are sweat suits and about 1/4 yard of matching fabric to make floppy ears and of course some yarn to make tails. Cats are just as easy, just change the ears a little. - Aubra

  • To add to the pajama ideas, dogs, felt spots glued on, felt ears on hat(droopy).

    Or you could buy sweats they can reuse this winter for pants and top and lightly stitch on.

    The peas are easy to make for the baby if you can sew. Just a green bunting type bag narrowed at the feet, green hat, with some green sponge balls sewn on.

    I got a chili pepper for my son which is basically the same; red with a green stem hat.

    You could do grapes for the kids. Purple sweats with ballons pinned on. - Stephanie

  • What about the Wizard of OZ...... 4 kids right. Tin Man (aluminum/lame), ScareCrow (overall, flannel shirt), Lion (yellow sweats and a yarn mane), and Dorothy (blue gingham dress) and/or Toto. Who ever is going with the kids could be one of the trio (lion, scarecrow, tinman), your oldest girl could be Dorothy and the baby could be Toto, or a munchkin. - Aubra

  • My daughter is going to be a witch this year, and for the cape I found a ninja top at Goodwill, it's made out of a silky material. It has a hood and strings to tie around the neck. I bought it for like a quarter, and cut it down the middle to make a cape. Try to look at stuff and see what it CAN be, not just what it is now. You'll come out much cheaper that way. Good luck! - Paula

  • A few years ago, I took some blue footed pajamas and got some darker blue fabric paint, made some dark spots on it, bought a set of cheap head bands, made some ears with foam, glued the ears to the headband. And my son was Blue! Bought my daughter a pink jogging outfit, did the same thing, but using pink and she was Magenta. They looked really cute and all together I think I spent max $9.00. And that was only because the pink sweat outfit for my daughter was almost $7.00. I got a lot of compliments on them. Costumes these days are over $12.00, some as much as $30.00 or more. - April

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