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My 2-year old loves running around the house naked. It's ok except for the accidents (not potty trained yet). The main thing is, is it normal for little boys to be playing with their "thing" all the time? I mean how much is too much? - ItsJustMe

Normal, normal, normal. Really it is there, and they want to touch it! It may be a good time to start teaching the appropriate places to be doing so. We had the same thing with our son and rather than tell him no, I did not want him to have a complex about it but really did not want to witness it either. We taught him he needed privacy to diddle around with it and thankfully after awhile it worked. - Sarah

In my opinion this is totally normal. I have two boys - one just turned 4 and the other is 2 1/2. They love to run around naked all the time! They will make any excuse to take their clothes off. When my first son started running around nude he really enjoyed playing with himself. It seemed no matter what or when he had his hand down there. That has really lessened over time. There were times that we did tell him to please stop that; it was not something he should be doing right then. But now it is hardly ever that he does it. My second son really never played with it as much as his brother. But he does not do it at all now. So I would say it is a normal phase that will gradually lessen over time.
Maybe you could let him pick out his new big boy underwear. At least then something would be covering it so he might be less likely to think about it. Of course that did not work with my oldest. But it might work for someone else. - Ccert

Yep- completely normal- and don't think they ever grow out of it either! You might start teaching him where and when it's acceptable to do it though. (Not as if you'll likely have a naked boy running around Walmart or something, but....) - Wytchy

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