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In Loving Memory of Kalley

Sharon, one of our forum members, recently endured the drowning death of her friend, Kalley Lundeen, age 3. Sharon was with the family during the long month since Kalley's drowning, and shared her experience with the other parents of our forum.

"I suppose as I've watched the Lundeen family deal with the drowning of their sweet 3 year old daughter there have been many times that I've felt totally helpless. There were no words I could say, nothing I could do to remove their pain as they dealt with this tragic accident. I watched as they sat vigil by her bedside at Arkansas Children's Hospital, relying on a ventilator for her every breath. I prayed that they would find a peace when they made the decision to remove life support after 3 weeks of no change, and 3 doctors telling them there would never be any change. I ached for them as they brought her home last Friday to die; as they dressed her in her own pajamas and tucked her into her own Little Mermaid sheets. Kalley shocked and amazed us all when she did not die right away. For the entire week she was held, rocked, sang to, read to and loved.

Saturday June 17, Kalley slipped peacefully away as she was held by her mother and father. She did not suffer; there was no struggle as we had been told there might be. As her father puts it, Kalley just forgot to breathe. Please continue to keep this sweet family in your prayers. Their road to healing will be long and difficult. And thanks to you all who have allowed me the use of this forum as a place to, not only seek out prayer warriors, but also to express my feelings." - Sharon

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