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Parenting Questions - Preteens

Here are quesions and answers from parents about issues such as dealing with drugs, sex and messy rooms.

Experimenting with Drugs
My daughter just made 13 two days ago. She spent the night at her cousins house the other night and my sister in law called me with a concern. My niece, who is 15, told her mother that my daughter is experimenting with drugs.

Found Notes about Sex
I recently found some notes from a girl in my 10 yr old son's pocket. The notes contained references to french kissing and sex.

Girls & Bras
My 12 year old daughter feels a little bit underdeveloped lately. All of her friends have started wearing bras, and she says that she "needs" to wear one too, as she will be starting gym class with communal changing rooms soon.

Mowing: What Age?
My son will be 8 this summer, and while I'm not ready to let him cut the grass, I was wondering when your kids started doing so?

Puberty and Tampons
For any mothers out there with daughters, did you show them how to use both tampons and pads, then let them decide what was more comfortable, or did they use both?

Sports Physical Exams
My teen needs a sports physical before he can play football this fall. Should I go to his Pediatrician or is it just as good to let them do the team physical at school?

Their Room, Their Laundry, Their Mess!
Is your teen expected to clean his/her own room? Percentage of the time its actually clean, and what do you do when it's not?

Wearing Makeup
My daughter Kerrie, 13 has been asking when I would allow her to wear makeup. I told her I would think about it and let her know when and what I would allow her to wear.

When Should Puberty Start?
My daughter is 9 years old and is beginning to 'develop'. Is it normal for children to start puberty so young?

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